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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Holt Renfrew Calgary Event

Last week, my family and I visited Calgary for the Stampede and to do some hiking in the Rockies. We stayed at my dad's condo for the visit since he lives there part time for work. We were roaming the streets one day and decided to stop into Holt Renfrew to see if anything was going on. To our surprise, the store was celebrating the Stampede in full swing. They had complementary popcorn and drinks, and a really cute photo booth! 

 The props..

Picture Station

A bad copy of one of our silly pictures

There was a pop-up shop inside the store from Jelly Modern Doughnuts where you could purchase some yummy treats to enjoy in-store. We decided to take part in their "cowboy hat toss" game, where you could try to throw five cowboy hats onto 5 posts. If you got two hats on posts, you would get a "Bobbi Brown prize". In hearing this, I was sold. My dad has some pretty impeccable aim, so I gave him the honours. We had a few trial rounds, and to put it plainly, the game was impossible. We ended up getting only one hat on a post, and I was very upset. 
As we finished up our visit, a salesgirl came up to me and said "I watched you play the game, and you're the only group who even got one hat. We didn't realize it was that hard, so here's a prize for being the best so far. Congrats!" 
The prize did not end up being makeup, but instead, I got one of Bobbi's books! I love her books and have already read a few of them, so this prize was truly awesome.
Beauty Evolution, online here

What a memorable trip to Holts, entering with limited expectations and leaving with some great family memories, a few pictures, a great book and a full tummy :)

Madeline, xx


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