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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

How To Master The Art Of Beauty Sleep In 10 Steps | Sponsored by iHerb

Sponsored by iHerb
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There's nothing sweeter than being able to shop for all of your daily essentials in one place, online, and all from the cozy corner of your own couch. That was my experience shopping from iHerb, and I've already compiled quite the wishlist for my next haul. I love online shopping especially because a lot of my favourite organic and natural brands aren't readily available in Canada. Fortunately, iHerb carries over 7,000 bath and beauty products that can be shipped to over 150 countries. They also have an amazing customer service team to provide support in 10 languages. I had a super smooth shopping experience with them recently and have been itching to share my top 10 tips with you for mastering the art of beauty sleep, using everything I bought.

I realized recently that we can all find hidden pockets of free time scattered throughout the day, and I'm trying to leverage these moments to find some quiet "me time" and fill that with a self-care routine.

Here Are My 10 Overnight Beauty Hacks For Busy People

Traditional Medicinals Relaxation Tea Organic Nighty Night

1. Wind down with tea

I'm a big tea drinker, and I first fell in love with mint tea in Iceland. I picked up a box of Pukka Herbs Three Mint Herbal Tea at the grocery store over there and have been dreaming of it ever since. I just stocked up again from iHerb because they have some of the lowest prices I've seen. Not to mention their frequent sales too. For my nighttime routine, I reach for the Traditional Medicinals Relaxation Tea in Organic Nighty Night. This naturally caffeine-free herbal tea is a combo of passionflower, chamomile, linden, spearmint, lemon verbena and lemongrass to give you that well-rounded and refreshing cuppa before bed.

Nu-Pore Hydrating Coconut Makeup Remover

2. ALWAYS remove your makeup

On my sleepiest days, I reach for a wipe to dissolve all my makeup, and try my very best to do a quick sudsy wash as well before bed. The Nu-Pore Hydrating Makeup Remover Coconut Essence wipes are a new favourite of mine, since they're extremely gentle on the eye area and have a great level of saturation. They remove the toughest of makeup in one go (check out my video above for proof!) and left my skin feeling moisturized.

Best Makeup Wipe
Before and after using one Nu-Pore Hydrating Makeup Remover Coconut Essence wipe!

If I have any leftover makeup residue, I'll grab an Organyc Beauty Organic Cotton Wool Bud and saturate it with some micellar water to clean up around the eyes. Speaking of micellar water, if your wipes ever dry out - add a few squirts of it in the package and they'll be good as new!

EcoTools Exfoliating Gloves

3. Wash up at night to save time in the morning (and keep your sheets fresh)

In all of my shower routine posts  I mention exfoliating gloves since they're a total staple for combo skin girls like me. I suffer from ingrown hairs and dry skin here and there so I was counting down the days until these new gloves arrived. It was my first time using the EcoTools Exfoliating Gloves and I'll never waver. Made from recycled materials, these are amazing quality! They are not too rough, and gentle enough that I can even use them on my face - carefully. I've been pairing my gloves with the Nubian Heritage Body Wash with African Black Soap and it's divine. My legs are in amazing shape (no itching or ingrowns!) and I'll have to see how it fares on my occasional back and shoulder breakouts.

4. Dry brush to keep your skin soft, reduce breakouts and help moisturizer sink in quicker

One of my best skincare lessons from 2018 was about frequent dry brushing before moisturizing. I love the Earth Therapeutics, Purest Palm Body Brush since it has a large surface area and isn't too harsh on my sensitive skin. Dry brushing helps with circulation, sloughs off dry skin and warms up your skin like nothing else. It's so important to apply moisturizer as soon as possible after a shower if you suffer from dry skin in the colder months, so brush away 2-3 times a week (focus on the heels, elbows and knees too) then moisturize. I've also been using my Bass Brushes 100% Natural Bristle Nail Cleansing Brush to keep my cuticles (fingers and toes) free from dryness and flaking. It has two sides, one of them is impeccable for getting under the nails - check it out in the video.

Random aside: I read here that using a towel on your face/skin might not be the best idea. So on the days when you're not dry brushing, apply your body moisturizer and skincare on damp skin and see how you feel afterward. This technique always leaves me feeling mega plump.

iHerb Canada

5. Mask, often!

One thing I hear from all of my gals is that we love masking, but don't do it often enough. I love the Caudalie Purifying Mask which I apply with a silicone sponge to keep my hands clean. How about we make a pact to apply our masks right after the shower (or in the tub) on the nights that we dry brush. Then, right after dry brushing (since you can't do it on your face anyways) remove the mask with EcoTools Mask Remover Sponges. I'm definitely implementing this routine starting tonight. 

6. Tone and prep your skin - morning and night

An OG product on my blog (mentioned here and here) is the Thayers Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Formula Alcohol Free Toner in Cucumber. Nothing else compares to this spa-like toner that I'll decant into a spritzer to apply head to toe, some days. It adds a touch of moisture to my skin, reduces redness and perfectly preps for serum and moisturizer. Must-have.

7. Wear your deodorant overnight

I swear by my overnight deodorant hack since it speeds up my morning routine, and it is the easiest way to reliably reduce sweating. I'm sensitive to dry stick deodorants, so I always use roll-on formulas. The Real Purity Roll-On Deodorant is the top-seller from iHerb, and I understand why! It's totally natural and has a great texture. It sinks in quick, and never leaves any traces on clothing - that's one of the best parts about applying at night too. The only downside is that the formula is quite thin and sometimes a lot comes out, there's a slight learning curve. Smell verdict: Barely anything at the end of the day, the lavender fragrance did stick around a bit and I would only notice a faint stink after working out. In that case, I use Yves Rocher 24H.

8. Apply dry shampoo before bed

Another must for those who don't have time in the morning to fuss around. Grab a bottle of Giovanni Eco Chic Hair Care Powder Power Dry Shampoo and sprinkle it throughout before bed. Make sure to get an even distribution and give yourself a little scalp massage to get it in there. You'll wake up with fresh, residue-free volume, like you just got a blowout.

9. Grow luscious brows and lashes, naturally

If you want to condition your brows and lashes to help them grow longer and stronger, look no further than Now Foods Solutions Castor Oil. I'll grab a clean spoolie brush from Sephora or the dollar store, grab a drop of oil onto the brush and gently apply to my existing hair. I've never experienced breakouts from using these oils, but do proceed with caution and always wash your skin thoroughly before since heavy oils can sometimes cause styes.

10. Take strategic supplements

I'm not a supplement buff, but I do need iron every so often and Omega-3 for my dry eyes. Recently, I've been turned onto Zinc for it's immunity-boosting properties and promises that it'll reduce acne-causing bacteria. Note that Zinc in its regular form  is not easily absorbed, so the Now Foods Zinc Picolinate is a "chelated supplement" in which the mineral Zinc is bound to picolinic acid - allowing it to be absorbed better. The Omega-3 I chose is also Now Foods, their Omega-3 180 EPA/120 DHA supplement. I keep these in a little paper clip organizer box for easy access. 

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