Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Follow me Around & Trying New Apples | Vlog #3

Pazazz Apple

In my weekly vlog covering end of Feb/early March I tried the new Pazazz Apple - a deliciously crisp, vibrant red apple new to the Canadian market. This apple is grown at Van Meekeren Farms in Nova Scotia, and tastes absolutely awesome. A descendant of the famous Honeycrisp and similar to a Fuji or Pink Lady (in my opinion), the flavour is sweet and the crunch is real. Some bites leave a distinct berry finish in your mouth, rivaling my favourite gummy candies.

Friday, March 2, 2018

How Should I Use Turmeric? | NEW Clarins Double Serum

Benefits of Turmeric

We all know that you can cook with turmeric, but have you ever tried it in a drink, or in your skincare routine? I used to do a lot of DIY facials (my exfoliating oatmeal recipe here) and turmeric is notoriously used in honey-based face masks for brightening the complexion, taming acne and helping to smooth out texture.

When ingested, the benefits of turmeric include: 

Reduced inflammation in joints, increased resilience against bacteria, lower risk of heart disease, increased antioxidant capacity, boosted brain function, and increases in mood. Yes, this is probably world's most natural antidepressant.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

What Lipsticks I'm Wearing Right Now | Winter 2018

favourite lipsticks

I've been moving out of my neutral lipstick phase and embracing pinky reds again. I'll blame it on Valentine's Day and being surrounded by this colour palette throughout Feb, but I also love how these vibrant colours bring so much freshness and life to a dull winter complexion. See my favourite (mostly drugstore) lippies below that I was wearing all last month.
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